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Program/Project Management

Helping business leaders drive performance and operational efficiency, bringing its

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PIE-PS, a wholly-owned Tribal small business, providing a full range

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Delivering customer value in the digital age via websites, apps,

About Us

About Us

Pamunkey Indian Enterprises – Professional Services  (PIE-PS)  is currently a certified Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) business. Our DUNS Number is 081469198

Conduct business in an ethical and honest manner and improve the lives of all Pamunkey Indians by offering best-value products and services to commercial and government customers, providing training and employment opportunities to Pamunkey Indians, and ensuring effective stewardship of our planet and natural resources.

PIE-PS maintains a keen interest in aligning the work we do with our corporate values and the mission of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe.  We recognize our responsibility to be good stewards of our natural resources and endeavor to establish capabilities in green energy and renewable energy markets and are actively seeking partnerships to this end.  We are seeking relationships that bring additional capabilities that can be deployed to improve the lives of the Pamunkey Indians and develop infrastructure on the Pamunkey Reservation that supports educational opportunities (e.g., new museum, library, schools, community centers) as well as improve the quality of life for the Pamunkey Indians (e.g, housing construction, information technology infrastructure).  These projects will be enabled by and funded with profit dividends from PIE-PS and will be executed by PIE-PS in collaboration with partners with which we establish early relationships predicated on trust and fairness.  Under authority from Chief Robert Gray, PIE-PS,  has recruited tribal members, and an industry-leading management team to develop a sound business that focuses project management, multimedia and video production, engineering, and information technology (IT).  The management team brings a demonstrated track record of success in corporate operations and the capture and execution of government contracts with discriminating technical skills across the scope of our business lanes.  The team has significant experience in developing talent and is dedicated to executing the PIE-PS mission.

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1054 Pocahontas Trail, King William, VA 23086